About us

Tokyo-Watches.com Is The Place For JDM Watches both New and Vintage. (JDM = Japanese Domestic Market).

Occasionally, we offer also Swiss watches.

We operate in Japan which enables us an access to a vast selection of Japanese and Swiss products while being competitive price-wise.

Naturally, we recommend watches manufactured 100% in Japan which are usually higher quality than those manufactured by Japanese makers overseas.

We also offer a selection of pre-owned products in very good condition. The great majority of those go through a complete real full overhaul service (more on this please refer to our Watchmakers page).

Please browse through our catalog while keeping in mind that it contains only a small part of the watches selection we have access to…

If you don’t see what you are looking for in the catalog, please contact us and we’ll do our best to get it for you at a good price.

Tokyo-Watches.com guarantees that all watches sold here are 100% genuine and original. (Some pre-owned watches have their glass / band replaced).

All new watches come as a complete original set including all original items, papers and a valid maker’s international warranty.

All pre-owned items come with a 180 days warranty. (Unless otherwise noted).

My name is Ram Shenkar, I’m a professional musician and a watch person. I also recommend reading the articles about watches based (among other things) on my personal experience and knowledge in this fascinating area.

How to make a purchase?

We accept PayPal (we prefer issuing PayPal invoices, the same as the usual PayPal, just somewhat more tidy). We accept also bank transfers in Japanese Yen, US$ and Euro. (A discount will be given for a payment with bank transfer).

Ordering is done by filling in the Order/Inquiry form at the chosen product’s page.

A PayPal invoice will be sent to the customer shortly after ordering. (The applicable bank data will be supplied in case of bank transfer payment).

Shipping is usually done within one business day after payment has been received (unless otherwise noted).

Worldwide shipping with insured EMS is already included in all published prices unless otherwise noted. (Some call it “Free Worldwide Shipping”). We’ll consider shipping with normal Registered Airmail instead of EMS if the customer specifically requests that.


Company data

Name: Shaoneiram

Antique Dealer for Watches Permit No. 101270001050 – Hokkaido, Japan Public Safety Commission.

Manager: Ram Shenkar

Address: Minami 11 Jo, Nishi 12-2-25-902, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido, JAPAN 064-0811